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Bass 001!

We just wrapped up the first bass built at L. C. Guitars. And what a bass it is! Featuring a full neck through design with walnut, wenge and maple veneer accents this neck is solid and stable. The neck through design provides sustain that seems to last for days! The fingerboards is a 34" scale 24 stainless steel slab of beautiful ebony bound in flame maple and walnut binding. The body sides are two pieces of absolutely stunning makore. Makore is an African hardwood with looks similar to mahogany. This piece has what is referred to as chatoyance which produces a shimmery effect when hit with light from different angles. This results in bands in the wood that change from light to dark as you turn the wood.

Hardware is all %100 USA made Hipshot, a string through body bridge and ultra lightweight tuners provide tuning stability.

Onboard electronics feature Bartolini pickups and active electronics the customer wanted a unique choice of sounds so we chose a stacked soapbar deep tone neck pickup and a MM style humbucker deep tone of the bridge location. All of this is boosted with two 9V batteries. The rear control cover is a laminated piece of wenge to match the neck.

For all of your custom guitar, bass, ukulele or pretty much what ever you desire needs shoot us an email at

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