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Since 1998, L.C. Guitars has been building and designing hand crafted stringed instruments. We have a commitment to using only the highest quality woods and hardware. From our custom electric guitars to our Forestry line of ukuleles, we source our lumber from sustainable suppliers. All lumber is hand selected and allowed to acclimate in our shop. All instruments come with a lifetime warranty against any defects to the original owner and their immediate family.

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L. C. Guitars has recently started building ukuleles custom made in sizes from Soprano to Baritone. We are also proud to present out Forestry line of ukuleles built exclusively with domestic woods harvested sustainably.  Walnut, cherry, birch, maple, spruce, red cedar, yellow cedar, and redwood are just a few of our options. Contact us for more information!


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Fret Repair

Here at L. C. Guitars we do everything in our power to make sure our customers are happy with our merchandise. However, now and then even the best quality instruments need a little boost. Call us today to schedule your Fret Repair and one of our professionals will be happy to get the job done in no time and for a fair price. We are also a Hipshot and GraphTech dealer.